Thursday, February 22, 2018

Snowy Girl

Snowy Girl,
You’ve given me the gifts I hoped you would - a bucket list experience, memories I’ll never forget and this photograph as a keepsake. You made me work, which makes me love you more. Mornings before dawn and evenings until after sunset. Single digit temperatures and wicked winds in wide open farm fields. In my experience, great things rarely come easy. And when it’s easy, it’s not nearly as fun. You required that I learn your routine and biology over many weeks. One thing I learned and love most is this: When you are at rest, you’re facing the sun. One could do worse than look to the light.

I know you now. You’ve shown me your Grace. And I know it’s time to let you carry on.

Farewell, beautiful friend.

© 2018 Dan Denardo Photography


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