Thursday, November 17, 2011

Faces of Honduras - Four

This is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met.  She had a little table set up in an outdoor market and was selling fruit.  I could not speak a word of her language and she couldn't speak a bit of mine...yet we could gesture, laugh and give a hug.

Connecting with someone does not 
require sharing a language. What they say is
fraction of what they are communicating.



Hindsfeet said...

*Love*, Dan....

I read once that speech is only 10% of our communication with one another. So much is said without saying a word.

In the same way, I would assert that our appearance is only 10% of our beauty. Love your eyes to see the 90% that matters...

....thanks, once again, for the true beauty, the 90% that you bring to the table; *that* is what sets you and your work apart.


Searching Soul said...

Hi Dan,

I love all those faces you posted. You can truly make those faces look beautiful, as God sees them.

Keep on sharing, my friend. I already followed you on FB, as Ron suggested, and I also recommended your page to a friend who admires good photography. I believe that your talent must be shared to the world.

You are a gift to mankind. Keep on sharing.