Friday, February 11, 2011

Clean Drinking Water?


Each year about two million people die of water-borne illnesses. Most of the victims are young children. They die quietly at home, or in little clinics, or in slums in out-of-the-way countries like Haiti.

The little girl pictured above has collected her water for the day from an unknown source, in what appears to be a discarded bleach bottle.

The need for clean drinking water is not on the radar of most Americans. We simply turn the handle on our faucet, open our bottle of water, flush the toilet, water our lawn, or wash our car.....without a second thought....

.....the same way we always have.


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EjG said...

...and the same way we may always do, too.

This could ultimately be our biggest sin...waste of a fundamental resource where others need it desperately...water is so integral in our lives and yet so misunderstood from a scarcity standpoint in its needs for the world. Thank you for pointing this out...