Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Subculture Sweethearts

While wandering the streets of Dusseldorf, I crossed paths with this couple. They were the sweetest, most gentle folks I met all week. In the few short minutes we were together, I was taken by their quiet spirit. And afterward, I was mad at myself for expecting something else...

I'm still a work in progress.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tall Timber


I recently visited one of my favorite pine forests.  It was planted decades ago by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).  It has been years since I've been there.  The last time I was there, the shafts of late-day sunlight knifed their way between the trees....lighting up the forest like a laser light show.  I remember it being incredibly beautiful.  This time, however, things were different.  It didn't look the way I remembered it.  It had changed. The forest was more mature and it changed how the light reacted with the surroundings.  It wasn't as visually appealing as my memory of it.  I felt a little disappointed.

And then I looked up.

Wow!  The view knocked my socks off.....an explosion of color and grandeur that I never expected.  I plopped down on the ground like a kid making snow angels.....lying in the pine needles, I just took it in.  The sight, the smells, the sounds.... a sensory feast....and food for my soul.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sunrise & Steel



Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Green and Graffiti

Green & Graffiti
Dusseldorf, Germany

A few years ago, I had the good fortune of seeing Walter Iooss (pronounced Yoce) speak at a conference in New York City.  He is a photographer for Sports Illustrated with three hundred covers to his credit.

When asked his secret to photographing sports, he said, "Pick a great background and wait for the action to move into it."  I've always loved that strategy and it has been one of the guiding principles of my photography to this day.