Sunday, July 18, 2010

Waiting for My Soul


It seems like I've been going non-stop for a month or more. In the last four weeks I have been in Toronto, Minneapolis, Port au Prince, and New York City. This is the first weekend in a while that I've had a chance to sit down. I am very grateful to be busy doing a job I love, but I really felt the need to take a deep breath. I've finally been able to do that this weekend.

Today in Church, our Pastor told the following story:
A group of Americans made a trip with Brazilian natives down the Amazon River. The first day they rushed. The second day they rushed. The next day they rushed. The next day, anxious to continue the trek, they were surprised to find the natives seated together in a circle. When asked the reason for the delay, a guide answered, "They are waiting. They cannot move further until their souls have caught up with their bodies."

The story really resonated with me. I think I was meant to hear it. It's amazing to me how the right message seems to come my way just when I need it. I know it's not a coincidence. And I know where the messages come from. I just need to do a better job of listening.

(Photo above: Rice paddy, Bali Indonesia, November 2009)



Shutterbug said...

Ok, I am totally curious. What is he doing, literally? Great shot.

Dan said...

Carol, at the top of the bamboo poles he has are red flags. They use these to mark the perimeter of their rice paddy. He's taking a break from that process.

Ron said...

I feel ya brother. Everytime I go to the temple or church, some how the message always feels crafted directly at if it was meant FOR ME. WEIRD EH?

I guess it's true...he is lookin' out for us.

I love all things shiny said...

Dan, you are a such an incredible photojournalist. I've been following your blog for some time (discovered it through our mutual friend EJG) and continue to be amazed at the power of your words and imagery.

This post really touched me. So timely, too. Thank you.

The Demigoddess said...

I am deeply touched by what your pastor told you. Many career-driven individuals haven't thought about stopping to wait for their "souls" to catch up. In the end, they lose that part of them.