Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Real Deal - Encore (by request)


Thanks for the request, Jay. I figure I owe you a few, since you helped talk me away from the delete button when my "post" total hit one hundred. At 100 posts, it seemed to me that I had said all I had to say, but you knew better. Thank you for that.


I spent twenty four hours (round trip) driving to my home town of Minneapolis this weekend. It gave me time to reflect on many things, including my journey to Haiti with Ron. Whenever I return from an international trip, it is always a struggle for me to settle back into a routine...especially if I've seen things that are difficult to look at. I cannot help but see the stark reality between the "haves" and the "have nots".

News flash -- If you are reading this blog, you are a "have".

Haiti has been the biggest contrast I have ever experienced and I cannot stop thinking about it. All of my trips change least incrementally. This time the change is much more than incremental. This weekend, I came to the realization that the difference was not just Haiti -- it was being with Ron...and seeing his heart.

When Ron works he is a one man show. The same is true for me. It's usually me, myself and I.

This time was different. We were working together as a team. And this time 1 + 1 = 3. As a result, I feel meaningful change coming on. And I feel God staring me in the face... and He is wondering which fork in the road I am going to take...


Next post: The Transition (back to my reality)


Jay said...

:) I'm so glad you kept going. I have to tell you that I check my sidebar regularly to look for updates from you!

Your posts have single handedly reminded me on more than one occasion to count my blessings, in a world (or rather, a country) where we are taught "more, more more" --- I can very vividly remember a picture that you posted of someone wearing two totally different shoes, neither one of which were in condition to be worn... the next day I gave away Three Garbage bags of my shoes. I'm embarassed to say I had that many shoes. I also recall on a regular basis another post about Ron where you told me of what he kept in his kitchen, it's rare that I open my silverware drawer and not think of him.

Anyway, I say that to say this: The stories of your travels and friendships and faith not only reach you, they also periodically make their way down to south GA too.

I'm looking forward to the transition post.

These are GREAT pictures, by the way - I feel like I know him after all these posts! :)

May God Bless You more, Dan - and Ron, too. Even though, from the way it sounds to me, he already has blessed you both immensely through this friendship.

Searching Soul said...

What a synergy. Jacky Chan and James Bond rolled together bring about a wonderful work of art. Keep posting, please.

Dan said...

Jay, I remember that "shoe" post very well. Seeing that "in person" had quite an effect on me, too. I've always felt that you can tell a lot about a person's circumstances by looking at the shoes they're wearing.

I hope you know that I hold you and your family in high-esteem. I, too, have been influenced by the words YOU have written. I vividly remember the stories of you and your adopted siblings. And having a sneak peak into your family life on a regular basis reveals a life that many wish for, but few achieve.

By the way, Ron's "one knife, one fork, one spoon is one of my favorite metaphors for a simple life. That is a good compass for me.

God bless you and yours, Jay.

Dan said...

Searching Soul,

Yes, it seems to be a good recipe.

I'll keep you posted on the release of our first movie. ;)

Hindsfeet said...

Your last line here really caught me, Dan...once again, you're making me "look up", raising the bar, letting His call to holiness echo here through you to us.

...I feel like God's been doin' some "cleaning house" with me lately too...."in my face" as you say with a real call to holiness, honing my direction, regarding that classic "fork in the road" that applies to so many forks in the road that we come life, in work, in relationships...

"I place before you this day life and death, blessings and curses...Now choose life so that you may live!"-Deut 30:19

God, he even tells us the right answer, the right choice, which road to take at the fork, and still me and my flesh stubbornly hesitate at times....even though I know that road, I've been down it so many times, the one that leads to death...thank God for his 70x7 policy...sheesh...(not saying that irreverently)

...reminds me of a line from a Rich Mullins song..."I'd rather fight you for something I don't really want than take what you give to me."

Anyway, Dan, I hear ya...I can't believe after almost 38 years I still struggle to choose the right road sometimes, i.e. *His will* over my own, *His desires* over my own, His holiness in my work my play my relationships, His best and highest, even though I know from experience that's the path of rich blessing, that's the path of blessing for me and, maybe more importantly, me being a blessing to my friends and not a hindrance in their journey...not just a "mirage"...

...I'm such a dumb sheep.

Thank God He has a thing for dumb sheep.

Anyway, thanks again, Dan...I agree with Jay...Yours and Ron's trip has really overflowed into the lives of those around's message is resonating still...

Ron said...

See, this is what happens when you spend five nights in a tent with a man! He comes home with all kinds of pictures of you and post' them online for the mass to see!!!! Ladies beware! LOL enough of the encore!!

Dan, in the photo's of me you have posted, you caught me at one of the hardest moments of our trip. Being there at that orphanage brought me so many tears. I remember sitting there watching those kids and thinking to myself how lucky I am and how fortunate we are to have what we have at home. Yet, I couldn't help but to admire "life" within their lives. Despite their disabilities, they are truly God's shinning light for all of us to learn from. Truly inspiring.

Jay, thank you for your blessings. You have been in my thoughts and prayers.

Ron said...

P.S: I now have a set of chopsticks....but I burnt the tip of one trying to fix the stove.

Dan said...

Oh, darn. Sorry ladies. I guess this means I can no longer post the shots of Ron in his least for now...I'll wait until he leaves for India or some such place. ;-)

Dan said...

H, beautiful comment.

This is the best part of having a blog. The comments bring additional insight and deeper meaning than I could ever go on my own.

And I'm sure God doesn't think you're a dumb sheep, H, but if there were *any* truth to that, there'd be a bunch of us in the pen with you and I'd most certainly be the black sheep.

Shutterbug said...

I am so glad I stopped by today to see your amazing blog. Thanks for taking the time to put a smile on my face. It is truly uplifting to read your posts and view your picture memories. There is a story in every single shot. I have been reading about Haiti recently and it is such a shame that there is still so much devestation. May God watch over them and give them peace. I hope you have a great summer. I have been camera happy as of late and have posted some pictures on Facebook of our fun times this summer. It is flying by, but I try to enjoy every moment. Take Care, Dan.

Dan said...

Thank you, Carol. You're a sweetheart.

Love your "camera happy" line. I guess that makes two of us.

Glad to see you're enjoying summer in Michigan. Hard to beat it.