Monday, July 26, 2010

Mom and the Twins

As I drove to my office this past Friday morning, this scene caught my eye.  It was about 200 yards from my office.  Thankfully, I had a camera on the seat next to me.  I pulled over, lowered the passenger-side window and started clicking.  I never even unbuckled my seat belt.

One of my favorite American photographers, Jay Maisel, says, "It's very difficult to get a great shot if you don't have your camera."  I had the pleasure of hearing him say that in-person and I've never forgotten it.

I love seeing deer, especially fawns that are still in their spots. It was special -- made my day.

Here's to twins.




Dawn said...

Beautiful! I love the spotted babies.

Jay said...

GREAT shot -

We had a pet deer once - believe it or not. He would eat out of your hand.

...the only other deer I have seen up close and personal were on myc ar windshield. Oh, the joy of growing up on an Alabama back country road.. :/

The Demigoddess said...

As I read this, I remembered that I am sitting outside a cafe with a wonderful view of the forest surrounding the campus. I am thankful I have my camera with me today.

Searching Soul said...

This is one of nature's best surprises even in the busyness of modern life. I am so happy you brought your camera, Dan. Otherwise, no amount of descriptive words could fully paint this poignant moment. I sooo love it!

Shutterbug said...

Awwww great shot Dan. It made me smile. I agree totally on the "never leave home without your camera." Unfortunatly, I did not listen to that advice when we went out on the boat a few weeks ago and a plane landed right in front of us ON THE WATER! Can you believe that??? Live and Learn.

chemist said...


Welcome home from Haiti! As always, great photos! And it's wonderful to see you teamed up with Ron who publishes one of the other blogs which I regularly check in on. Keep up the great work! And take your time readjusting to 'normal' life after returning home. As I told your colleague, Ron, I go thru the same period of re-adjustment following my trips abroad.

Traveling Chemist

Joy said...

Oh, for the times I've noticed a 'great shot' and didn't have my camera. AND the times I've seen a great shot but was too lazy to get out of the car to take it! I've noticed great shots don't wait around for me to get my act together.