Monday, June 14, 2010

Looking Back #3 - Indonesian Woman


When I saw this woman in a remote Indonesian village, she called me over and asked if I would help her lift something into her little home. Actually, she didn't verbally ask - she made a series of motions with her arms and hands and I understood instantly. I gave her the hand she needed.

Then she began speaking to me and the only word I understood was "Sprite". I didn't really need one, but I knew it would please her if I accepted. I nodded and said, "Yes, sure". She brought me a Sprite in a glass bottle with a straw in it. And she got one for herself. For the next twenty minutes, we sat together on her front step and drank Sprite.... looking at one another, smiling and nodding.

Before I departed, I asked if I could snap her picture and she obliged. Well, I didn't exactly "ask"....I pointed to my camera, then to her. She nodded "yes". I snapped a few pictures, we bowed to one another and I was on my way.

Wearing her red wool hat and sweater, you would not guess that it was 95 degrees F outside. And she had no air conditioning. Nobody does. I guess she just liked to bundle up.



Hindsfeet said...

The respect for humanity that you exhibit over and over is beautiful, Dan...deeply moving...just beautiful...


Jay said...

Dan, she is beautiful. So, So beautiful!

Dan said...

I thought she was, too, Jay. She's special.