Monday, May 10, 2010

Outtakes #1


Sometimes my favorite photos are the ones that never make the cut. I suppose few people would ever opt for this shot, but I liked it instantly. (You know me: Road-Less-Traveled-Guy.)

It's real and it's honest.

How many times do we need to see the canned "say cheese" smile? Don't we have that one covered by now? I like how this picture tells a story. In this case, the "picture may be worth a thousand words" -- and I guess the 1000 words are mostly about evil Mr. Dan.

Can ya blame him?

He warmed up, however, and we had a grand time. What a cutie.



Jay said...

ahhhhh, he is CUTE! Some of my most favorite pictures of SJ are the ones where she isn't "posing" - CUTE!!

Hindsfeet said...

What a sweet little guy, D!

...Wasn't he the sweetie you photographed with the laptop a while back or am I remembering someone else? Don't know who that was for, but they got their money's worth...great shot, D.....

.....always love it when you pop up on my "dashboard"....

; )

Dan said...

H, you have a good memory. Yes, he is the same little fellow that I photographed with the laptop. His Mom is my office assistant. We entered the photos in a Baby GAP photo contest (and got nuttin'). I think we were robbed.