Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday


It's a big week for Luci and Waldo. They celebrated their first year on May 5. They each received a rawhide bone about the size of a baseball bat. At 93 pounds, Waldo handled his like it was a toothpick.

On Saturday they graduate from obedience class.... or as I like to call it -- charm school. And I think they look pretty charming.



Hindsfeet said...

...and Cinco de Mayo takes on a whole new meaning....

Bring on the birthday cake, D!! (Now if I can just remember where the dessert forks go.......)

Feliz cumpleanos, Luci and Waldo!

; )

Wander to the Wayside said...

My two favorite dogs (well, after my three)! That's quite a bit of size difference between the two - Waldo's a big boy, and Lucy has the petite-ness and femininity of her gender! Will they grown much more, Dan?

Dan said...


Luci and Waldo can tell you where the dessert fork well as what wine goes best with fish.

Dan said...


I *hope* they're done growing. They seem to have leveled out at 93 and 79. However, Luci's a super-snooper. Last night she snagged half a sandwich off the kitchen counter. Pretty easy for her to do when her nose can reach it with just a little stretch. She could end up being a little porker if I'm not careful.


Hindsfeet said...

Glad to have them in my life then, always good to know where the dessert forks favorite silverware...

; )