Wednesday, April 7, 2010



American Goldfinch (male)

Now THIS is my idea of tweeting.

I registered a Twitter account many moons ago and I have yet to touch it. Don't hold your breath, friends, because my idea of tweeting is pictured above. There aren't many things I like better than hearing these little guys singing. All of these beautiful creatures were photographed in my backyard. If I have spare time, it won't be spent tweeting from my computer -- I'll be tweeting outside with God's creations.


Eastern Bluebird (male)


Eastern Bluebird (female)



Wander to the Wayside said...

I'm with you! Our finch are just turning yellow this week, and I have a finch feeder right out the living room window where they will gather by the dozens in all their glory. Then the hummingbirds will show up in another week or so for the feeder on the other window, and the show is on. The best tweet in town!

Unfortunately, we have a resident mockingbird and hawk that keep the bluebirds and cardinals away. (and sparrows, which doesn't break my heart!).

Dan said...

Hey W2W!

Gosh, aren't hummingbirds just the BEST? I love them.

We have hawks around here, too. I like the hawks, but I don't like 'em messing with my tweety birds.

Enjoy the Spring show, W2W. Isn't it a joy seeing the world come back to life this time of year?!

Hindsfeet said...

Cool little aviary you've got goin' on back there, D, and Pretty sweet Tweets!

Gotta say though, D, your little "Chow-Hound" still takes the cake! He's still my favorite little guy, the "do I have something on my face?" little guy...The "hey, are you gonna eat that?" little guy... God this picture BEGS for a caption! : )

(Hey! Would this be post #100? : ) )

Dan said...

H, believe it or not, this is post #263. Back when I originally posted "Fork in the Road" I was nearing 100.

And you get the award for funniest comment of all time with "Are you gonna eat that?" God, that was funny.