Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hey, are you gonna eat that?




Wander to the Wayside said...

Gosh I wish I had your camera! This photo is so should send it into Birds and Blooms! Or do a calendar...hahaha...along with the one with the dogs! You could donate the dog calendar proceeds to animal rescue, and keep the profits from the bird one for your kid's college education! (Can you tell that I like calendars?)

Hindsfeet said...

Alternate Caption:

"Don't judge me."


Oh God, D, thanks, yet again, for the laugh.....this capture is just one in a MILLION!! (As is it's "captor" ;) )

Happy Day over there, D...

H Po)

Dan said...

W2W, in the spirit of full-disclosure, my friend Liz came up with the title to this post. And I don't think the pic would be nearly as funny without her words.

Yes, haha...I am getting the impression you like calendars, W2W. Believe it or not, I've actually done a few, but it wasn't a large print run -- pretty much friends and family kind of thing... Maybe you're going to bring me out of calendar-retirement.

Dan said...


And the "hits" keep comin'! THAT's too funny. I'm gonna dig into my archive and see if I can come up with a photo for your new caption. When I shoot things like this little bird, there are typically a dozen other shots that can work equally well. You keep the hits comin' and I'll keep the camera clicking.

Hindsfeet said...

Whata team ; )

(If I do say so myself)

; )