Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Brand New Day


New life...renewal...a brand new day.



Ron said...

Dood, did you shrink like Honey I shrunk the Kid's or somethin' to get this shot? NICE!!! Love the title too!

Dan said...

Thanks, man. This is what I call the "worms eye" view. Hope you're doin' well. Miss ya. Stay hydrated over there.

Hindsfeet said...

thanks, D, this was really a lift...(not to mention a left-brain reprieve... ; ) )

...a nice prequel, as my iris's are still taking their sweet time "waking up".....still cozied up in their cocoons.....despite appearances, life will come always comes back.....

Hard to believe the source of that delicate purple bloom survived the maelstrom of a Michigan winter...The heart has but to see a flower and it cannot help but brim over with hope.