Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome to Spring



One inch of snow today. Go figure. I guess I jinxed myself with my "Winter's Last Gasp" post. Winter is still gasping in Michigan.

Give it up, Old Man.



Hindsfeet said...

Once again, "holding hands"...See my blog for a little *yin* to your *yang* here ; )

(by the way, cynically Hilarious post...too funny, D...hang in there, this too shall pass)

; )

Hindsfeet said...

(that quote!! bahahahahahha...roflmao....amusing departure from your usual decorum ; ) )

(endorphins back in the black)

; )

Jay said...

ha. I really do love snow... but I was happy to see Old man Winter head out of here. I was in AL today...where it was 74 degrees! :)

Dan said...

Oh...what I would give for 74-degrees, Jay. The thing that made the snow extra difficult was that it was 65 the day before.

Wander to the Wayside said...

Wow, the simplicity of the photo is beautiful!