Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Best Light of the Day


The best light of the day happens in the first and last hour of daylight.

As I headed for home tonight, my camera was ready to roll. It's rare that we have sun this time of year, so I knew I had a chance of seeing some great light. In addition, we have a lot of lake-effect weather in Michigan. The clouds can be amazing...and such was the case tonight. Great light, great clouds and a great old barn.



Jay said...

holy cow - I love the south, and truly believe it's beautiful here, but this is breathtaking. I've never seen anything like it.

Ron said...

Sweet shot!
Man, I have to start asking you for ride homes from now on.

Dan said...

I just wish it wasn't so rare, Jay. I've heard it said that we are second only to Seattle in the number of gray days per year. We have a lot of sun in the summer, but in the winter, it can be grim. Today was magnificent.

Dan said...


Any time, buddy, any time.

Stay well down there. Missing you already, but I know you are where your heart is. Have a great trip.

Shutterbug said...

This is purely amazing. Love it :O)

Hindsfeet said...

Isn't that something....that division of blue and grey sky...Reminds me of a Fernando Ortega song, a beautiful ballad..."Storm"...

"Sometimes it takes a storm
To really know the light
The scent of rain
The weight of clouds
Pulling down the sky
Sometimes it takes a storm
To know how you feel
To understand indigo
And the varnished sun
Lighting up the fields

It takes the rain between the lines to know what sorrow finds
The way a cloud divides sometimes
The clearing and the blue
I love you
I was just passing through
And taken by surprise
Between the black sky
And the blue
Between the black sky and the blue
I love you
I love you"
-Fernando Ortega

Thanks, as always, for sharing your eyes with us, D...

Dan said...

I'm off to check out that song, H. Nice.

Hindsfeet said...

That youtube version of that song doesn't do it justice at all, D, a little grainy, but you get the idea...illustrated your photo to a T, I thought...

Have a good one over there, D, careful on that banana peel of yours ; ) ha...

-your fellow caffeine junky ; )

Hindsfeet said...

P.S. Speaking of...Had a lovely little "coffee cocktail" this AM...mixed Butter Toffee coffee in with the Jamaican Blue...Sublime and obviously Divinely inspired ; ) hee hee...

Thanks again, D, it's the gift that keeps on giving, haha ; )

Dan said...

H, thanks for the tip on "Storm". I just purchased it on iTunes.Very nice.

...a lot of banana peels and slippery slopes over here... :)

Hindsfeet said...

I knew you'd love that one, D...Fernando Ortega is one of my favorites...very soulful stuff...

And wouldn't worry too much about those banana peels, you seem to be holding your own just fine ; )