Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shooting the Shooter


This is my friend and colleague, Sarorn. He asked me to photograph him as part of a special project. I was excited about it from the moment he asked me. "Ron" is an outstanding cinematographer/photographer. His work is remarkable. And his assignments have him criss-crossing the globe -- so it's rare to catch him...even for a few hours.

Ron had some unique ideas about what he wanted to do and it was my job to execute them. The photo above is one example of many.

When we're together, the creative energy is electrifying. And when we entered the studio yesterday it was special. Working with Ron is not work at all. It's an event. We share a passion for life and the lens.

Thanks for asking me, Dude. It was an honor.



canadasue said...


Ron said...

Thanks buddy for being there for me! Meeting you was truly a gift from God. Being in front of your lens was an honor!

Wander to the Wayside said...

Awesome! And how appropriate that he is backlighted (or whatever that technique is called), since the photographer is often somewhat of a phantom until his finished product is presented. I love it! Is this the one he's going to use?

Wander to the Wayside said...

What exactly is that called, Dan? My brain said it was backlit when the photo wasn't in front of me on the comment form, but it really wasn't! Sidelit? Dark on dark with glimmer of light from the side!

Jay said...

:) I "know" him! This is a great picture!

Dan said...

canadasue, Thanks very much!

Ron, God presented us BOTH with a gift the moment he had our paths cross.

W2W, I think there will be a few frames that Ron will use for various things. This happens to be one of MY favorites, but the choice will be his. Yes, the photo is somewhat backlit with what I refer to as "rim light". The trick is to light just enough so he can be identified by those who know him. We worked tirelessly to get it just right. Most folks would get bored or impatient with the finicky nature of doing that, but Ron knows what it a result he was patient and the perfect subject.

Jay, it's a small world...especially these days! And thanks! I had a great subject.

Hindsfeet said...


You nailed this one, D,

absolutely Nailed it.

Dan said...

A big THANK YOU to the representative from Virginia!

Have a good week over there.


SearchingSoul said...

Bravo!!! What an amazing picture of a remarkable man created by an artist par excellence.

Dan said...

SO great to hear from you, SS. I missed you! Welcome back to the blogosphere!