Friday, February 12, 2010

Patterns of Winter - #6

Patterns_ofWinter - #6



Hindsfeet said...

I think these "series" are a fun idea, D...I'm a fan of themes, motifs, threads.....Since this is the end of this one (isn't it?), and looking back over these six pics, I think I like your organic material the best, anything showing life or life that once was...

...The trees (of course) were my favorite, and the imprint of that leaf, such a VERY cool find...but ya know, I'm kinda "granola" like's the "buddhist hippie" in me ; )

Lemme sign off before I get another novel goin' here, D ; )

Can't wait for your next series! Waiting with bated breath (and a tic tac) ; )

Dan said...

Bated breath and a tic tac? That's a good line. In fact, it's GREAT.

Yeah, this is the end at least for a while. You've probably noticed I shift gears a lot. I think my brain requires it. Not serious for too long, not whimsical for too long.