Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Patterns of Winter - #5

Patterns_ofWinter - #5



Javier said...

Dan, this is a very inspiring trip into the abstract! Love it! Congratulations! :)


Hindsfeet said...

Sweet Stark Simplicity....Like it. Very cool collage you've got going here, D...

(sorry about my novel on your last post, didn't realize till I went back and read it : p

...really was cool to see that variation, that scene in a more vivid light...very cool...)

Scattering Lupines said...

Love that blue against the white! So vibrant.

This is a great series!

Dan said...

Thanks everyone!

I was thinking I'd let go of this, but your comments have motivated me to post one more....tonight.

I find it easy to NOT go out and shoot in the winter, so a little motivational project like this is good for me. Sometimes it's tough taking the first step, but I am always glad when I do.