Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lead me not into temptation...


Satan is testing me.

I was chatting with my friend, Hindsfeet, last week and I told her that I have given up ice cream for Lent (among other things). Ice cream is my Kryptonite.

So, I'm filing images away today and I come across the photo above. What you cannot see is that this fellow is on a motor scooter. Everything in Indonesia happens by scooter. This dude is the Indonesian version of the ice-cream-truck-guy that came through my neighborhood as a kid. Yeah, I realize I'm dating myself with that comment. I'm ok with it.

The blue speaker at the bottom of the photo was playing a happy jingle and every kid in this hood had just been served.

I'm thinking it's not coincidental that this image popped up today, Satan. Thanks for that... ya creep.

And I never said anything about giving up peanut M&Ms. \o/



Hindsfeet said...

way to work THAT little loophole, D!! ; )

Hey, speaking of all this, I've got an interesting post coming along on fasting...just posted something so I'm gonna wait a couplea days on it, but, just kinda sprung from a few thoughts that bubbled up during a run yesterday...maybe I'll send it your way first, seeing as you could probably use something to offset the seduction of the ice cream scooter!!! ; )

(speaking of - the run, not the scooter - think good thoughts at me, m'friend, got an 8 miler on my schedule to knock out tomorrow, which, I know, is kid stuff to you, but, slacker that I've been over the winter, this is nothing less than my own personal pergatory! ; ) )

peace out, D ><>

Dan said...

Good luck with the run today, H. I couldn't run 8 today if my life depended on it...just not in that mode right now. I admire your tenacity and conviction. Go get 'em!

Jay said...

i LOVE peanut M & M's (and reeses peices) :)

and if it makes you feel any better - the Ice Cream Truck still comes to our neighborhood, so you're not THAT old. :)

Dan said...

Oh, bless you, Jay....I was worried that the ice cream truck was a thing of the past - MY past. I imagine the kids still love it. Why wouldn't they?

Shutterbug said...

Good for you Dan. I gave up pop for lent. It is so difficult for me, but worth it in every way. I don't know if I could do ice cream....maybe in the winter? My favorite is Pralines and Cream and Moosetracks. Guess we cannot have lunch at Dairy Queen or Baskin Robbins? Have a good one!

Dan said...

Giving up pop? Um, Pop? I should probably spell it with an uppercase P. Giving Pop up is inconceivable to me. Since I'm not a coffee drinker, it is my source of caffeine...of life....

At my age Carol (one foot in the grave, one foot on a banana peel) I need all the help I can get.


Shutterbug said...

My husband shares your sentiments EXACTLY. He said it is the only thing that keeps him going in the afternoon, Dan. Is pop correct up north or is it soda? We call it coke back home.....and yes, I call the grocery cart a "buggy." BE NICE!

Dan said...

LOL....Carol, I'm from Minneapolis where we call it soda. I think Michigan is pretty much a Pop state. I have heard it called "Coke" in the south. I think THAT is hilarious. I remember a waitress asking me if I wanted a Dr. Pepper coke. Hahaha. Too funny.

Cannot say that I've heard a grocery cart called a buggy. Don't worry, Carol, I won't judge you :P.

After lent, I'm taking you out to lunch at the DQ...for an ice cream and a coke, pop or soda...maybe all three! You may need to roll me out to the parking lot in a buggy.