Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Driveway After Dark

Danny_valentine-23-Edit copy

I think I feel new series coming on. I've been intrigued by night photography of late. Last week, Jr. and I scampered out into the driveway to grab this photo. I hauled several lights outside and we had at it. Our driveway looked like the landing lights from the nearby airport. I had all the neighbors peaking out of their windows wondering what I was doing **NOW**. They've never seen anything quite like me. And that's just the way I like it.

Junior is doing his best to look comfortable when it's twenty degrees outside. Good job, pal.



Jay said...

:) It was 20 here TOO! and it SNOWED!

I love the picture - and the quote in your sidebar.

Dan said...

So I hear!! WoW! I even saw the pictures! You know, the ones where you are glowing :-)...yeah, those....always glowing. That's you.

Hindsfeet said...

This is going to seem off topic, D, but, had to comment......

...ya know, when I check out your posts, I don't only look at the picture you've posted, but I sort of take it all in....the picture, the quote you picked that day for your sidebar, people's comments to you, and your responses to them.....

...and do you know what I consistently see? You are SUCH an encourager, D; you go out of your way to shine light onto the good you see in others.....just as you went out of your way to shine light last night for this shot.

....It seems that in the same way that your eyes are always peeled to find that perfect picture, that fleeting photo op, so it seems your photographer's eye is always looking for light in others...focusing and zooming in on the good.....

"Let there be light" is a word that is fleshed out in you, my friend.....Just as you were scrambling in the surrounding darkness, determined to light up the night to illumine the beauty seen here in your son, so also you seem determined to shine light on the beauty in others, to capture it and mirror it back to them.

Your vision is a gift on many different levels, D.

Dan said...

Well, aren't you a sweetheart, H. Those are very kind words, indeed. Not sure I always live up to them, but rather than dispute your perspective, I'm going to graciously thank you for making my day.

Thank you, H, for making my day.


Ron said...

Hey Dan, I love your pictures. Just stumbled onto your site. My brother Mike is into photography also and has done some great work. You can see his work at: http://jpgmag.com/people/mdenardo

Some day we have to meet. It looks like your a pretty busy guy but it would be fun to meet your family.
Ron Denardo