Friday, January 1, 2010

A Retrospective


This is a small, but representative sample of my work from 2009. Some of these you've seen and some you have not.

One thing I've always been pretty good at is moving on...and not resting on the work I've recently completed. I like keeping my momentum going and that means moving on, losing site of the shore, pushing myself to create and hopefully learning and growing along the way. As a new year begins, it's time to see these images grow smaller in my rear view mirror.



Hindsfeet said...

Sounds like a good philosophy for life in I'll have to adopt...

What can I say, Dan, you're surrounded by gorgeous women, fabulous cultures, and lots and lots of friendly faces (not the least of which is the mug of my little birdy buddy there...he cleans up nicely, or maybe we've just zoomed out sufficiently from the 'stuff' on his face? haha ; ) ) ...Yours is a "Wonderful Life" my friend...

...Hope it's even "wonderful-er" in 2010 : )


Dan said...

I think you've inspired a "Wonderful Life" post, H. I do think I have a wonderful life. Having visited other cultures one thing I know for sure is that I have a BLESSED life. Most people in the US do...they just don't know it.

I hope you have a wonderful-er 2010, too, friend.

Wander to the Wayside said...

I think you know which photo is my favorite!

I'm a photo album addict, going back thru my fifteen chronological albums and now a year's worth of digitals EVERY YEAR from beginning to end, at least once. Seeing where I've been, jogging my memory of events (special and day to day), gazing at the faces of loved ones long gone (both animal and human)...they hold such power over me, these images from my life. Without photos, operating only from memory, we lose some of the texture of those people and events.

I hope your images bring you the same joy and moments of reflection, as I'm sure they do despite you're saying that they grow smaller in your rear view mirror! I'm guessing that the family photos might be with you longer than the professional 'work' ones! I can only imagine what your family albums must look like, even if only on a memory card or disc!

Dan said...

W2W, I've always found photos to be magical. To me there is something magical about being able to capture a nanosecond of life and then reference it at a moments notice.

As you might imagine, I have hundreds of gigabytes of photos. And I'm good at cataloging them and backing them up. In fact, some of my family favorites are even backed up in a safe deposit box. They're priceless to me. Pretty anal, eh?

Happy New Year, W2W.

Art Dickinson said...

Thanks so much Dan ! I can't tell you how much I admire your work ..... man, you get to travel a lot !
I need to shoot for me more, I get so tied up marketing and chasing down clients, especially last year, so glad it's over, 2010 has to be better !
All my best to you in 2010 Dan!

Dan said...

It's always great to hear from you, Art. I'm glad we connected more in 2009. I sure hope I get the opportunity to spin some work off to you in 2010. I hope we can cross paths in person one of these days. It would be great to compare notes and brainstorm.

All the best,

Hindsfeet said...

a little p.s. of an idea here, Dan... : ) ...when I logged on today to publish my latest and greatest post( ; ) ), I still found myself cracking up at my new "wallpaper" and thought, "Dan should run a caption contest!"

The birdy would be a fun one to start with...Here's my vote...

"are you gonna eat that?"

haha, just a silly unsolicited suggestion from yours truly,
H ; )

Dan said...

THAT is hysterical. The contest is a great idea, but I don't believe you can be beat with that one. The tweety bird even has the "are you going to eat that" look on his face. ROFLOL!

Joy said...

Great photos. I especially like the women in the bottom left, the one turning and looking at you. Also, your son in the bottom right shot?

Dan said...

Yes, Joy, that is my son.