Monday, December 14, 2009

Kiev, Ukraine

We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

I am on assignment in one of the great cities of eastern Europe - Kiev, Ukraine. I wasn't here more than twenty minutes before I felt the magnetic pull to get out the door and start discovering. It is a visual feast here - ripe with history and character everywhere I turn.

It gets dark very early here. My plane hit the tarmac at 4:30 pm and it looked like the dead of night.

More to come.


Wander to the Wayside said...

Breath-taking! They really know how to make an impression! Do they have Christmas the same time as us? If so, I hope you get some photos of how they decorate.

Hindsfeet said...

Zdravstvuite, Dan! You're like our own personal 007! How adventurous is your life! Very cool...Well, dasvedanya! Keep us posted! : )

Dan Denardo said...

W2W, yes it looks very much like Christmas around here...albiet far more understated than in the States. I'll try to post an example as my week progresses.

Hindsfeet, haha! The 007 thing occurred to me last night when I would hear the people speak...It reminded me of Bond movies...and I've probably seen 'em all.

Hindsfeet said...

Start introducing yourself over there like this..."Zdravstvuite, I'm Denardo, Dan Denardo..." Now we just have to get you a Ms MoneyPenny.... ; ) hee hee...

nighty night over there (or whatever it is over there...over here the coach has Definitely turned into a pumpkin...zzzzzz....) : )

Dan Denardo said...

Hahaha....too funny!

Jay said...

What a great picture! Glad you made it safe!

I have some friends that live in Gorlovka, Ukraine (they run a children's home) -- not sure where one is in relativity to the other on a map.

Are you going to be away from you fam for Christmas?

Dan Denardo said...

Hi Jay,

Welcome home from Disney! I suppose you would rather still be at Disney...if you're anything like me. We love it there. At Disney I can act childish (like always) and still be socially acceptable.

Thankfully, I'll be home a few days before Christmas if all goes as planned. This is a tough time to be away. And I still have some Christmas shopping to do. There may need to be some Ukrainian items in the Christmas stockings this year! Not such a bad thing.

Be well, Jay.

Ron said...

Love this composition, Dan. Stay warm and travel safe. Glad to hear you made it ok. I'm trying to make it out of VN with gear and footage...will let you know how I do.

Dan Denardo said...

Hang in there, bro. Good luck with the authorities. I'll say a little prayer for you.

I've got a little Ukrainian gift for you to keep your noggin warm this winter!

Be safe and well.