Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cast of Characters


For the first time in more than 200 posts, I am posting a photo that was NOT taken by me. This is much of the crew I was with in Bali, Indonesia. We were eating our breakfast bento boxes in a small rural village outside Bali. From left to right:

Dan (half-crazed photographer with obsessive-compulsive disorder, ADHD, assorted nervous ticks, often-times sugared up and over-caffeinated)

Patti (client)

Katie (producer)

John K. (writer, concept guy, genius)

John R. (agency VP and super guy)

Photo by Viv Scanu, cinematographer based in Jakarta.

*Copyright 2009 - Viv Scanu - Used by permission.



Jay said...

Hahaa, I love your personal description. Too funny --- I'll be so happy when I can get some caffeine in my system...

and I am OCD too, about all kinds of stuff.

Great picture!

Dan Denardo said...

LOL - I guess it would be even funnier if it wasn't so true!

Yes, I remember when my wife was pregnant and caffeine-free. She's like a badger when she hasn't had her coffee in the morning. :)

Hindsfeet said...

This is great! An autobiographical post! Maybe more of us should do this sort of thing...My Runners World site is a bit more autobiographical, maybe a thought to incorporate that here and there in my Bird's Eye View blog...

...So what is a bento breakfast? Do tell!

: )

Hindsfeet said...

p.s. posted a better picture of my Christmas tree...i.e. the whole thing...haha, decided to zoom out a bit...a photographer I am not, Dan...and with that I defer to your deftness with the camera and humbly invite you to have another peek at that post ; )

Dan Denardo said...

Hindsfeet, a bento box is typically something you getin an Asian restaurant - my experience is that it is a square, compartmented (is that a word??) tray to separate ea and every item - rice in one, soy sauce in another, the main course in another, etc. Inside these boxes were our bentos and in this case, with breakfast items - egg, rice, etc.

Shutterbug said...

I love it and am starting to think every photographer has a little OCD. I know every engineer does cause I married one and know several, lol. It is nice to see the people behind the camera. Have a great holiday with the family Dan.

Hindsfeet said...

Oh! Kinda like a McDonald's breakfast! There's a pancake compartment, a sausage compartment, an egg compartment, I think there's even a syrup compartment!

You didn't need to go to Indonesia, Dan, you coulda just gone to the Golden arches!

"I'll have a bento box please, extra syrup, and can you supersize that for me?"

; )

Dan Denardo said...

LOL. Point well taken, Hindsfeet.

Dan Denardo said...

Carol, I've learned to embrace my inner OCD. I'm convinced it CAN be a positive when it comes to things like a regular exercise schedule. an art director once said about me, "He overdoes everything". I didn't get mad, cuz he was mostly right.