Friday, November 6, 2009

Island Color #2




Hindsfeet said...

So here we are in Indonesia, yeah? Is this typical of the 'decor' round about there? The colors certainly do "sing" : )......, hmmm, "why?", Picasso asks...maybe God's motivation for us all to mingle a bit...nice thought : )

Have fun soaking up the scene over there...keep us in the loop! : )

p.s. Can I ask what the project is that you're working on way over there?

Jay said...

I love this fence! My neighbors probably wouldn't go for it, but I sure do think it would be SO cute in my yard.

Dan Denardo said...

Do it, Jay!

If you did it, I'm sure it would be the perfect fit...and total class.

Ron said...

Hmmm, purple seems to be the color of choice down there?...I wonder if it stands for anything.

In some countries, certain colors signify many things...might be worth looking into next time.

Dan Denardo said...

Good thought, Ron. I'll check that out.

Shutterbug said...

Pretty fence, Dan. It makes me feel warm. It is an unusually warm day in Midland. The sun in shining and the leaves are almost all down. Safe travels friend.