Monday, November 16, 2009

Beautiful and Proud

I am told that the people of Bali are among the longest living people on earth. There are many, many people 100+ years old. Now I know why. Their diet is sparse and they are very active. When I saw this beautiful lady, she had just walked the length of her village with a twenty-five pound bucket in each hand. She stopped for a moment to take a breather and I asked her permission to photograph her. That amounts to me pointing at my camera and then to her. She accepted graciously. Why wouldn't she? I think she looks absolutely magnificent.


Wander to the Wayside said...

What a wonderful word to describe her - magnificant! I like it...and the photo.

Hindsfeet said...

oh Dan, Dannnn, I'm afraid ya lost me at "sparse diet" m'friend...I think that concept is anathema to my big fat Italian family, food being love and all.... ; )

So guess I traded in my chance at 100+ about twenty pans of tiramisu ago....haha.....gotta admit though, I'm perfectly willing to give up a few years for THIS wonderfulness...

...Thus my running addiction and dishes like the aptly named pasta alla CARBonara...great pre-race carb load by the way for your next marathon....maybe not great for longevity, but definitely great for the long run!! ; )

(ok, OBVIOUSLY the exceptionally cool message of this photo was COMPLETELY lost on me and my gastronomic fixation...sorry for my uncharacteristic lack of depth and dimension here ; ) )

Dan Denardo said...

Hahaha! Hey, don't feel alone, Hindsfeet.

My Grandfather is right off the boat from Calabria. The family tradition is spaghetti every Thurs and Sunday! When he was still alive, his house smelled like pasta every day of the week. It was in the wood work.

Hindsfeet said...

I LOVE it!!! : ) My Grandmother Corrente was off the boat from Palermo (no, she wasn't running from the mafia) ; ) and brought all of her culinary genius with her thankfully passing it my way (Forget 'Chicken Soup', Give me a big bowl of 'Italian Wedding Ball soup' anyday! That stuff'll cure what ails ya!)

Well, hope our families aren't feuding or anything, haha...I promise not to whack you if you promise not to whack me, capiche? ; )

Off on my retroactive run, get a head start on burning off those Thanksgiving calories ; )

Hope you're havin' fun over there, Dan, will check out your new posts tonight...

peace out,
me : )