Sunday, October 18, 2009



D2 Photo Journal is one year old this week. I must admit, I never believed it would last this long. It's been an amazing year. In the past year, I have had visitors from 76 countries and 49 of the United States (not sure what I did to upset Vermont).

Some special shout-outs:

1. Thanks, Ron, for your support and encouragement. You were the catalyst that turned my goal into action. Without you, this blog would likely be six months old, not one year. (FYI - Ron would give me the shirt off his back if I asked him - in fact, I think he already has. He's one of the most generous people I know).

2. Thanks, Jay. Were it not for you, this blog would have ended at 100 posts (it's now around 185). Jay talked me away from the delete button a few months back when I figured enough was enough.

3. Thanks to each and every one of you... my loyal followers. I appreciate your encouragement and support more than you know. You have taught me a great deal throughout the past year. I love your heartfelt thoughts and comments.

I cannot tell you for sure where the journey will go from here. If I'm good at one thing in this life, it's challenging myself and keeping my momentum going -- I have always felt that is important. Maybe it's encouraging to note that while I was driving earlier today, I was looking out the car windows to find uses of the number 2.

Peace be with you.

I Can Do All Things Through Christ

Who Strengthens Me.

Philippians 4:13



The Tri Runner said...

Hey man, thanks for sharing all of your wonderful pictures with us!

Jay said...

:) I am SO glad that you kept your momentum going. I check your blog regularly for updates and I am always so excited to find one!

I really love the collage at the top that you made from the number 1. It's great!!

Now, if I could just get my momentum going I would be in good shape... :)

Dan Denardo said...

Jay, you have a good excuse to slow your momentum. I know you well enough to know you're a good juggler and you've got a lot of balls in the air. You've got another priority now, right?

And thanks for all your friendship and support. All the best to you, George and SJ.
- Dan

Hindsfeet said...

...and also with you... how touching...

...I remembered the other night how I fell down this "rabbit hole" : ) ...

It was when I had first set up my blog, only last month, and I happened to notice the "next blog" link at the top of the screen. Out of curiousity, I clicked it, and it took me to "Traveling Chemist"'s site...I began to read all his little stories about all the places he'd been to and was enjoying the 'visit' so much, when I noticed one of his "followers" names which intrigued me..."Searching Soul"...She was obviously struggling with life a bit and I noticed your gracious response, pointing her "up" in her search, not "out", as most people would...

...keep pointing "up" with your work, Dan...Your photography lifts the viewer, has lifted me, to noble, lovely places.....

Thanks for the gift,

(your post title brought this thought to mind... Luke 10:39,42 "...ONE thing is needed..." Maybe a good guiding star for your year to come : ) )

Hindsfeet said...

p.s. I wrote about "one" and "two" today as well...a bit more pathos in my post, but cool synchronicity nonetheless... : ) might enjoy "Communion" and "Dawning" as well, as they echo this 'ending/beginning' motif...

peace, friend ><> ...

Dan Denardo said...

I'm sure glad you found my rabbit hole, Hindsfeet. Your visits have been a real highlight these past few weeks. You have a special gift.

And thanks for making my day.


joel said...

Congrats on 1 year of blogging! I've really enjoyed following all your posts.

Thanks for sharing your perspective. It consistently challenges me to look for the small, unexpected joys that are otherwise overlooked!

Ron said...

Awwww ssshucks man! Thanks dood!
I'm really happy that you stuck with this blog. Proud of you, bro! I'm here if you ever need me! Here's to another ten thousand posts ahead! Cheers!

Dan Denardo said...

Many thanks, Joel!

Dan Denardo said...

Thanks soul brother. You're the man.

Hindsfeet said...

Thanks Dan : ) haha, I just realized that I'm "celebrating" a 'One' also...My blog is One month old exactly today...does that count? Any excuse to celebrate I guess ; )

Zooming out a bit from this rabbit hole and my descent therein ( ; ) ), I sort of spilled over to Blogger from a blog I started on Runners World a while back (under the same pen name, Hindsfeet)...I like writing there, but Blogger is a broader canvas, not limited to running (though running IS a great metaphor for life, good fodder for blogging...) I will probably keep up the RW blog but I'm really enjoying the expanse of expression that Blogger affords me..."Expanding the tent pegs" as it were... : )

hmmm, that would-be nutshell turned into a novella...sorry! : )

Well, speaking of "Broader Canvases", just finished a new post, "Borrowed Brushstrokes"...enjoy : )

(Hope someone made you a cake or something for your "anniversary"...any excuse to have cake... ; ) )

Dan Denardo said...

Just two words to sum up my sorrow, Hindsfeet.

No cake.


Shutterbug said...

Congrats on the anniversary. I really enjoy checking out your blog. You pictures are amazing and they always bring a smile :O) I am really good at making chocolate chip cookies.....cake - not so much, lol.

"Don't just take a picture, capture a moment."


Hindsfeet said...

NO CAKE?!?!?!?!?!! Oh Lord, Dan! This must be remedied! If I lived down the street I'd bake one right up for ya (it's the 'June Cleaver' in me, haha), but as it stands, all I have to offer is cyber-cake, by way of a post on my RW blog which I think will fit the bill nicely, called "Let Them Eat Cake!"...enjoy : )

p.s. Left a couple of messages for ya over on my "Bird's Eye View" blog in response to your comments...Too cool to have another "running buddy" in my life, I'll take all the inspiration I can get, and your acheivements are indeed INCREDIBLY inspiring...I'd love to hear more about your running sometime! What have you got coming up next, race wise?

Dan Denardo said...

Carol, thanks for all your support! It's been great getting to know you. And that lunch you bought me a few weeks ago beats cake any day. :)