Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Billion to One


I happened to notice this lonely corn stalk in a soybean field last weekend. It was a 240 acre soybean (and 1 corn stalk) field. Talk about being a minority.....

I've always been attracted to farm fields. I find them very beautiful in their own way. My final project in photography school was a photo-essay on farming. I loved every minute of that project and I still carry that wonderful experience with me to this very day. It's become part of me. Maybe you've noticed.

I don't think most people realize the stress a farmer lives with on a daily basis. I can almost hear the farmer's thoughts:

  • Will it rain today?
  • Please, God, let it rain.
  • Will it rain too much?
  • Will it ever stop raining?
  • Can I get my tractor into the fields today? Tomorrow?
  • Will my crop rot in the field?
  • Will the wind blow my top soil away?
  • Please, God, let the wind stop blowing.
  • Can I afford to fuel my equipment?
  • Will the price of fertilizer eat up my small profit?
  • Dear Lord, I'm having trouble making a living.....

And so it goes....



Wander to the Wayside said...

Fields with rolls or bales of hay are some of my favorite farm things ... especially in the early dawn hours with a little fog on the ground, or with the sun slanted a certain direction. I've been known to go down some streets just to see a recently mowed field, or to pull into somewhere and turn around and go back to look at a field. There's just something so naturally beautiful and, well, earthy about them.

And you're right about their lives and how hard it can be, especially to have to be at the mercy of the elements and mother nature.

Great photo, by the way. I sometimes feel like that stalk of corn when I'm in a crowd, like wondering how the hell I got there and why I don't seem to fit in!

Dan Denardo said...

Always good to hear from you, W2W. I think we share a common connection to the land. Not sure why I have that connection to organic things, but I'm delighted that I do.

Jay said...

Growing up in Alabama.... this is something that we talked about regularly. To this day, I have yet to meet a farmer that was not a christian.

Also, this picture makes me think about things --- in that field of so many soybeans, the corn stalk (though it was nothing incredibly extraordinary) was noticed b/c it was different.

Just a thought.

Hope you are doing well!

Dan Denardo said...

Great to hear from you, Jay. I hope all is well with you and that things are progressing well.

Wonderful observation about Christian farmers. Now that I hear you say it, I guess I'm not surprised. It seems perfectly natural, doesn't it?

And I love your comment about being different. That could be a whole different blog post with the same photo. Great observation, my friend.

Hindsfeet said...

Hey Dan...You might enjoy a blog I stumbled onto (I think it was because we both like the book "West With the Night" by Beryl Markham) called Fresh Air Life at http://freshairlife.blogspot.com/2009/10/nebraska-usa.html ...She also has a blog called Good Morning Mary Sunshine at http://goodmorningmarysunshine.blogspot.com/2009/10/wake-up-and-smell-manure.html ...Her name is Joy and she writes a lot about farm life in the midwest complete with amazing photos of said topic...

Great title for your pic here, very clever : ) (Still waiting for the farmer ; ) )

Dan Denardo said...

Hindsfeet, I'll check out those blogs when I have a moment. Thanks for the heads up.

And yes, I'm waiting for the farmer, too. :) He's been hard to spot lately. I hope to surprise you someday soon.

Hindsfeet said...

I suppose I don't know you well enough to be nagging you about the farmer, you really shouldn't let me get away with that ; )

haha : ) looking forward to "him" : )


Joy said...

Hello Dan, I'm here by way of Hindsfeet. I am in an agricultural community and yes, I am quite aware of what farmers go through. Also lived on a farm for 7 years (although I am a former city girl), so yes, I like to dispel those myths of frollicking around a farm with a sunbonnet on and chewin' on a piece of straw. Yee-ha!! Oh... wait, I meant to comment on the steam photo--just awesome! I'm an amateur photographer--- but I love it and I keep trying!

Dan Denardo said...

You can nag me anytime, Hindsfeet. What you don't know about me is that I nag myself constantly. What I mean is I am constantly push, push, pushing myself. I'm a big believer in keeping my creative momentum going. The blog has been very good for me in that respect. So...chime in! There will be two of us nagging! :-)

Ron said...

Man, we must be soul brothers....I just wrote a post entitled: A World of One, and now I'm here and see you wrote A Billion to One. What are the odds man!?

My whole family in Cambodia are farmers. Their lives are not easy. It's amazing tho, when I tell my family in Cambodia that farmers in North America are not poor like farmers in third world countries--their jaws drop! In North America, I know of some very rich farmers...some poor too of course...but it's amazing when you view the life of a farmer in a third world country compared to that of one in a developed country....

Dan Denardo said...

Dude, you *know* this is not the first time this has happened. I think I recall saying at one point that I thought we were twin sons from different mothers. One thing is for sure, we ARE joined in some manner. And I couldn't be happier about that.

Hindsfeet said...

Hope you wont be sorry you gave me THAT little bit of license...I'll try to control myself ; ) ...seriously, though, Dan, always a treat when your posts come through...it's funny, I don't remember now how I 'stumbled' on to you (one of those "six degrees" things come to think of it) but so glad I did : )

(and gotta chime in here for a sec...interesting observation about "Christian Farmers" there...hmmm, guess you'd have to be trying pretty hard not to believe in God surrounded by all of those metaphors...anyway, cool thought....)