Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sidewalk Serpent


I snapped this photo no more than twenty minutes ago. This dude (or dudette) was lounging on our sidewalk about ten feet from our front door. I got on my belly and slowly made my way closer, closer, closer, never making any radical moves. Before I was finished, the front of my lens was about 18" from his head. He never acted threatened. He was about two feet long.



Jay said...

I almost didn't look at this post when I saw what it was called, b/c NOTHING scares me more.

I would have died.

If it's below a foot tall and glides anywhere... it is not my friend. (i.e. snakes, lizards,...most reptiles, etc.)

You are a brave man.. I would have been screaming bloody murder and finding another entrance to our house.

Please tell me you cut his head off when you were done with this picture... or at least smashed him with a rock.

Dan Denardo said...

You're too funny!

You and my wife are in full agreement. She wants him gone. This is the second time we've seen him. Her comment was, "Can't we move him to live in one of our neighbor's yards?"

Ron said...

Makes for a good hearty snack.

Dan Denardo said...


Andy Richards said...

Very Cool. Like most of God's creatures, (I am not sure I see where the housefly comes in), he is not only harmless, but does some good things. He makes sure there are a few less creepy crawlies around the house. If my vote counts, I opt to let him be!

Dan Denardo said...

I say he stays, Andy!! And my wife is too afraid of him to do anything about it.

Good hearing from you.

Shutterbug said...

Very Cool, although I also prefer them to keep a long distance from me. I wish I had my SLR a few years back when Cole was three and we visited a zoo in Arizona. There was one exhibit where you went in and mingled with HUGE SNAKES. I did get a few shots from FAR WAY and a video. You could tell I was shaking when the handler put the reptile on Cole, but it wasn't until he walked off that I started SCREAMING. Thankfully, my hubby was right beside him.