Tuesday, September 15, 2009

San Diego Sun

This was the view from my taxi window around noon today. I've been in San Diego a number of times in my life and every single day I've been here, it's been sunny and 70 degrees. I've been here in the winter - Sunny and 70. I've been here in the summer - Sunny and 70. And today? Sunny and 70...and not a cloud. Sunny and 70 never gets old to me.

By the way, I love shooting into the sun. Many people are afraid to do it (sunsets don't count). I'm not sure why. Give it a try. If you're shooting people, just add some fill flash. In photography it's good to learn the rules, but don't be afraid to break them. It may set you apart from the herd.

My clients don't hire me because I shoot like everybody else and follow all the rules.



Ron said...

Hmmm, shooting into the sun, eh? Love that tip!

I'm a big fan of sillhouettes. I dont know if you've noticed that in my video shots, but it's a great way of shooting people without having to worry about consent forms being signed!

Jay said...

Wow... it's rainy and 85 here. Sunny and 70 sounds GREAT! :)

...and I love using the sun. Great shot. Have a fun trip!

Dan Denardo said...

Ron, good point about sillouettes. I do that a lot at the City of Refuge, in some cases to preserve the anonymity of the kids. Your tip about consent forms is a good one.

Dan Denardo said...

Jay, you're great at using the sun. I've seen it in many of your photos. Love it!

Hindsfeet said...

Browsing through your collection here again for fun and came across this one...brought a little smile to my face...I live in Virginia now and have for about ten years, but I'm originally from San Diego and gotta say, I do not miss "Sunny and 70"...That perpetually "perfect perma-weather" smacks of Stepford to me...

If "Variety" is indeed the "spice of life", then San Diego is the salt and pepper in the Spice Cabinet of our country...Give me "Parsely, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme" over S&P anyday! (thank you Simon and Garfunkle)...I love the rich flavorful feel of Virginia, the techni-color trees and sundry seasons...I feel like Dorothy in Oz, minus the creepy green witch and the funky monkeys; True, there's no place like Home, but, I'm ok with that. : )

-a happy little transplant : )