Wednesday, September 16, 2009

San Diego Bay Silhouette

My friend, Ron, reminded me of our mutual love of silhouettes. Coincidently, I shot this frame yesterday overlooking San Diego Bay. This Gull had an eye for my fish and chips, but I wasn't givin' in.


Jay said...

These things are all over Disney too. Had swoop down and grab a french fry off of my plate before I ever knew what happened! They're sneaky.

Great shot!

Dan Denardo said...

Yeah, it's a shame they have the reputation of flying rats...but I guess they deserve it for the most part.

Ron said...

Sweet! I love the gradual fall-off in this shot...almost as if you used a tilt shift.

Dan Denardo said...

Thanks, man. A compliment from Ronzworld is high-praise indeed! Thanks friend.