Sunday, August 2, 2009

Water Drop Abstraction


Yes, a driving rain will make a mess of your windows. It's also a great photo opportunity. I guess I'm a glass is half-full guy.

When I started this blog last October (nearly 150 posts ago), I was worried that I would never have enough photos to post on a regular basis. In fact, this has been a wonderful catalyst for me to keep "seeing", shooting and creating. It's a big (and small) world out there. Thank God for that.



PAOLA said...

I arrived the first today, I have just came with your unique rain, every drop touching my heart.
You have enough pictures to post and you are the owner of a grea talent to create, you will never suffer for not having material.

Dan Denardo said...

A smile comes over my face whenever I see your name appear! Thank you so much for your kind words. Have a GREAT week!

SearchingSoul said...

What a beautiful picture, Dan. I also love taking pictures of the rain on window panes but I never thought that it could look as beautiful as that.

Dan Denardo said...

SS, don't sell yourself short! I've seen some of your raindrop images and they are EXCELLENT! What impresses me even more is that you SEE those kinds of things and take the time to capture them. I love that.

SearchingSoul said...

Thank you, D2. Your generous words mean a lot, coming from someone who captures wonderful images out of the ordinary.