Sunday, July 19, 2009

Little Buddy


I received a note this week from a little friend. I began to type it here and then decided not to. It was too personal. I'll share two sentences with you, though, because I think we can all learn from them:

"I miss you and I hope you come back. I will keep you in my heart."

Can you even imagine what goes through the mind of a child whose birth parents are not in his life? I guess I'll leave it at that, before I start sobbing...



Jay said...

...what did I do?

...where are they?

...will I ever see them again?

....who do I look like?

Those are a few thoughts that went through mine before I understood the amazing things that my adoptive family did for me.

Great shot.

Dan Denardo said...

Your perspective is second to none, Jay. Thanks for sharing that.

Javier said...

Great picture my friend! You seem to brighten the way of all the children your meet in this hard life, and only for that I'm sure you'll be granted a place in heaven!

Have a great week-end, Dan!