Thursday, July 2, 2009


Chores copy 




Jay said...

What is he carrying in that bucket? food, water?

Such a small guy to be doing so much...

Sarah Jane complains when she has to put her clothes away, wonder how she would manage this little guy's lifestyle.

Thank you for continually reminding me how blessed we are.


Dan Denardo said...

Not exactly sure what he's carrying, Jay, but there is a good chance it's ice.

I began writing a paragraph for this post, but for whatever reason I decided to let the photo stand on its own. One of the things I was going to mention is that this particular section of steps is 137 steps! At 4500' it gets very difficult because the air is thin at that altitude.

Yes, we have a pretty cushy life don't we?

Ron said...

It's amazing what kids have to go thru in some parts of the world and they don't even realize that what they're doing is sometimes more than what an adult does in the western world! We are indeed blessed. I love this photo...also the grain effect you added.

Dan Denardo said...

Thanks, man! I hope you're doin' well. I know it's been a challenging trip for you. Be well and travel safe.


PS - Got a Think Tank Speed Racer yesterday. :)

SearchingSoul said...

Hi D2,

Your posts always remind me to be thankful for the blessings I receive in my lifetime.

Looking at your pictures of slippers and shoes, I can't brush off this saying: "I cried and cried because I have no shoes until I found someone who has no feet."

As for your post about your tiresome airport thankful you have to experience it only once in a while. LOL!

Very beautiful shots, especially that view from the airplane window and inside the airport.