Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Very Rare Occurrence


I almost never shoot weddings. ALMOST never. The fear of screwing up at a big event like a wedding, totally stresses me out.

A dear friend of mine asked me to shoot her daughter's wedding a while back...and I couldn't say no. I've been told I am the official photographer for their family. Heck, I'm not even the official photographer for my own family. They're such an easy-going family, even if I HAD screwed up, they would have laughed it off. That took a lot of pressure off of me.

I shot this while standing on the roof of a motor home. That got a smile out of them, eh?.



Jay said...

I am MOST impressed with the smiles on the faces of ALL of the children, that in itself shows talent. :)

This is a great shot.

Dan Denardo said...

That's high praise coming from you, Jay. I'll bet shooting weddings is right in your sweet spot. You're a natural.

Ron said...

I absolutely hate shooting weddings. Maybe its because of all the bride-zilla's I've met in my day, but man, its just too much headache. I haven't done one since my college days...but like you, I have a friend that's been bugging me to shoot her sisters wedding....I might consider it because I know her wedding party will be full of nice lookin babes! :p Oh the joys of photography.

Dan Denardo said...

Haha! There ya go! That's the bonus!

Jeff said...


Hello. Has been a very long time. Happened to come upon your site on the internet. Hope you are doing fine. Your photos are I always remember. The wedding photo and your self portrait are great. It's been like taking a look into the past. Best wishes.

Jeff from a long time ago

Dan Denardo said...

Thanks for you kind words. Be well.

Andy Richards said...

Very Cool, Dan. One of the hallmarks, in my view, of a specially talented pro is the ability to capture unique perspectives. I don't know that I have ever seen a wedding group photo like this one. But I really like it!

Sarah Reimer said...

Hi Dan -
I don't know if you remember me - Sarah - Kay's cousin Sherry's youngest - I was wondering if you by chance had any time to chat about equipment and stuff - I am doing a wedding on July 11th and needing some new stuff and wanting some advice on building up my equipment - BTW - should you ever need an assistant for weddings in the future...please let me know...I would love to tag along and learn from someone whos been in this longer than I - I know weddings aren't your thing - they are not my preference I am already stressed out way too much over it! Anyhow...if you could spare the time I would so appreciate some input on some email is
Thanks so much for your time