Sunday, June 7, 2009



Bulletfest? Really?

Step right up people, get your bullets. We don't have enough senseless killings, hold ups, carjackings and suicides as it is. Let's promote putting more bullets in the hands of people with single-digit IQs.

I know. I know. I'm overreacting. I am actually NOT anti-gun. I've hunted before (years ago) and I have friends and family are are very responsible gun owners. Guns don't kill people, people do, right?

I live in a town where the murder total is alarmingly high. I'm thinking making bullets more affordable and available may not be the best course of action. I realize I am over-reacting and maybe even missing an attempt at dark humor with this sign.

It just doesn't feel right to me. I'm just sayin.

Names blurred out to protect the guilty innocent.



Jay said...

What a suprise that, once again, I agree with you completely.

In 1997, which is the last time that it was recorded... per capita, Albany was the murder capital of the United States. Yet, for some reason... things like this are a regular occurence (even though that might have something to do with living in the South, also).

I often think about the world that we are raising our child into. I hope that I can raise her to know this should not be the norm. --- but I fear that she is growing up in an age where this type of thing is not only the norm, but the expected as well.

Dan Denardo said...

I hear you, Jay.

Our world is spinning out of the spinning motion water makes as it gets flushed down the toilet. I keep hoping that the pendulum will start swinging back in the other direction to benefit our kids. We can only hope and pray.

By the way, wasn't I the guy that was yacking about stopping the blogging-thing at 100? :) Today, the thought of that seems like a distant memory.

Hope you guys have a GREAT Sunday.

Geek Girl said...

I agree too. When we first moved back to Michigan, I watched the news. Someone was killed every freakin day I watched the news, or darn near close. It may have been the same in Minneapolis, I just didn't watch the local news there.

There is so much to be said on this topic...and I'll stop now before I get too wound up. As you can guess, I don't watch the news here anymore either. I can't stand to hear it anymore. I suppose a better method would be to find out what I can do to help turn it all around. Just because I turn the TV off doesn't mean the world stops.

Dan Denardo said...

I get wound up too, Dawn. It's one of those polarizing topics. People love or hate guns. I really am not anti-guns. I think they have sensible for hunting, target shooting, skeet shooting, etc. And I suppose if we didn't have guns, people would use some other method of killing. In Jamaica it's machetes.