Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Road We're On

God sign

This a billboard in our area. There are folks around here that get all "up in arms" about signs like this. They're the same people that get worked up about nativity scenes at Christmas.

As I understand it, these billboards are paid for by a private organization. This is "speech" people. And the last time I checked we have freedom of speech in the USA.

I'm thinkin' that if we can signs advertising "Bulletfest", we can have a sign like the one above.

I'm just sayin'.



Jay said...

I completely agree... and these are probably the same people that never smile in church and stand on street corners every saturday to preach comdemnation... instead of love.

I'm just sayin'

Random Hiccups said...

I feel exactly the same way. I personally am not a fan of the billboard you showcased, but never the less my point is the same. Free Speech doesn't just apply to the minorities. Christians may be the majority religion in the US but that doesn't mean that they are not allowed to express their beliefs in a public forum. Free speech also does not apply only to people that you agree with. It applies to everyone. And as long as we keep that balance we will be okay. I actually recently wrote a post about this very thing, if you are interestd in checking it out:

Andy Richards said...

Dan: I have a different view. I agree 100% that it is speech and as, such, I cannot get too worked up about it. What I do mildly object to is some human having the "gall" to write something and sign it "God." One of my favorite all time books is J.B. Philips, "Your God is Too Small." I get "opinionated" about man telling me what God "thinks."

But that's just me :-)

Dan Denardo said...

Andy, I hear you. I think we get ourselves in trouble when we think we fully understand the mind of God.