Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hotel Sofitel Chicago


Hours after my 2:00 a.m. return from Jamaica, I was back on the road -- this time to Chicago for an assignment. This is a photo of the upper floors of the hotel I stayed in. You're looking at the upper third of the building. The building is difficult to describe, so I've attached a picture from the Hotel Sofitel website (below) that puts my abstract image into a more understandable perspective. From one view, the top of the building is wider than the base (as shown below). Yet from the view I shot it, the top is increasingly narrow. I thought is was an amazing design.

I was lying flat on my back when I shot this (complete with slacks, shirt and tie). I'm sure people thought I was a whack job. As you know by now, I embrace my inner lunatic.

This was shot with a 70-200 racked out to 200mm. I also used a tungsten white balance to give it a blue hue.


Next: More photos from the City of Refuge Children's Home. I've been so busy that I have not had a chance to work with the more than 1500 images I captured in Jamaica. Stay tuned.



Jay said...

Very cool, Dan. I love architectural pictures --- I always feel so intimidated by them though. It takes a genius to come up with something like that.

I have a friend that is an architect, she is brilliant.

Can't wait to see more pics from the City of Refuge.

Ron said...

Sweet digiddy!! I think I see my room!!

Dan Denardo said...

I love architecture, too, Jay. A designer friend of mine once told me that an great architect is one half artist and one half engineer. I thought that was a good description.

Dan Denardo said...

Ron, if I ever stay there again, I'm gonna ask to stay on that face of the bldg. Cool place, inside and out. I've been in Chicago two dozen times and that hotel was never on my radar. It is now!

Carol W. said...

Cool pics and I can think of worse things to be thought of, lol. You should take a few pics of those puzzled faces :O) My hubby is the same about traveling.....always a new adventure, but always missing his family. Looking forward to the City of Refuge pics. Have a great holiday week!

HappilyBeading :O)

Dan Denardo said...

Hahaha! Good point, Carol. I should consider those puzzled faces photos ops!!!