Wednesday, June 17, 2009

From My Window Seat

As usual, I'm sure I drove my seat-mates nuts during my trip to Jamaica yesterday. When I have a camera in my hands, I am the equivalent of a 4-year-old on sugar and caffeine - with an equivalent attention span. Oh, well. I am embracing my inner child.

This was one view out my window yesterday. I saw many spectacular scenes during the entire duration of my flight. The scene above happens to be in Cuban air space. After I shot this, the clouds and haze cleared and I had some terrific views of Cuba, complete with her magnificent coral reefs and pristine beaches.

Yesterday was such a productive "window seat" day, that I've decided to create an iBook from some of my travels: From My Window Seat. I always view a plane trip as a tremendous photo op.  To be flying through the air in a chair at 500 mph with a view of the heavens is an incomparable opportunity.

As I write this, I am at 4000' in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica at the City of Refuge Children's Home. In the coming days I hope to show you some images from this special place. Having said that, internet connectivity is terrible here, there are rolling electrical "brown outs", and many other 3rd world inconveniences. Today is a good day -- we have water and electricity. Yesterday we didn't. Time will tell.


Jay said...

very cool, Dan.

I want to see the ibook when you get it up and going!

Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

Dan Denardo said...

Thanks, Jay. It's been a great trip so far. I am in planning meetings tomorrow, but I'm hoping I can plant the seed about the kids at your Church. We'll definitely discuss it during my stay.

Today I photographed life in and around the City of Refuge chicken coop. You're not going to want to see detailed photos. Chicken is on the menu for dinner. It's gonna be fresh. Such is life in the mountains.