Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Proud Father


My 12-year-old son ran in a school track meet today. He ran against 23 other kids in the 1-mile and took first place in 6:13. He ran from the middle of the pack and started picking runners off one by one. His margin of victory was about 15 yards.

One of the best things I've experienced as a parent has been the opportunity to run with my son.  We are not able to do it often, but when we do, it's terrific.  He's a very good runner. Before long, the student will be teaching the teacher.  He'll be cruising on by me very soon.  He's a good kid...he'll remember to wave.

PS - Believe it or not, the hairdo is HIS choice.  Hey, I guess it's aerodynamic.


PAOLA said...

Dear Dan, you cannot imagine how I undersand you, Im also a proud mother and nothing compares with the freedom that means the choice of our kids.
Choosing in freedon and doing their best.
A big hug for both of you!!!!

Jay said...

Wow. This is a great shot too.

I'm glad we don't live in the same town, you would make me look bad.

I know that you have to be proud of this, on so many levels.

He's grown since the last picture that I have seen... or do you have more than one?

Dan Denardo said...

Jay, no, we have just 1 child. I suspect you saw a photo that I shot a year or two ago. He is growing like a weed.

And don't sell yourself short. You've got some GREAT photos. And they reflect your ability to connect with people. Not everyone can pull that off, but you've got it in spades.

Andy Richards said...

Hi Dan: The photo and the sentiment strikes a chord. I have similar photos of my son running hurdles. He wasn't a particularly competitive athlete -- but that didn't affect the pride a father feels. My (formerly 12 year old) is now almost 21 and is becoming a young man. He just completed his sophomore year at college and I found myself looking forward to him being home again for the summer, and somewhat melancholy, knowing that I have few of those left before he goes out on his own.

The best we can do is teach them to have character and hope they take that into the world and do good things. And, yes, that they remember to wave.

Dan Denardo said...

Hi Andy,
Hearing your account of your son, I can't help but think of when I was 21 and how my parents may have felt was not even on my radar. That still haunts me today. Thankfully, I've had years to attempt to make it up. I'm blessed to still have both of my parents. You're a good Dad, Andy. It's great to hear from you.
All the best,

jeep man said...

Nice job Danny. You are a chip off the old block.