Sunday, May 10, 2009

Olive Denardo - Rest in Peace


My self-imposed week long hiatus from blogging has come to an end in honor of our beloved dog, Olive. She's not been well these last months and we knew her days were numbered. Today was her final day.

I am convinced that God gave us Olive to teach me tolerance. Now that I look back, the things she did that drove me crazy are the same things that endeared me to her. She had a big personality. And she was full of life.

Olive's method of giving me a zinger was this: When she would poop, she would ALWAYS point her butt in my direction. Then she would look over her shoulder and stare me down. Nice. I'm certain I deserved it. Now that she is gone, I'll miss that. In fact, I wish I could see her do it at this very moment. I'll miss EVERYTHING about her.

We're gonna miss you, you hound dog. Thanks for being our dog. We were lucky to have you...and now we're terribly sad that you are gone.

We love you, Olive.



Geek Girl said...

Uncle Dan,
I'm so sorry to hear about Olive. What a joy she was for your family. There's something about dogs...they become another family member. We bought a bigger mattress because there wasn't enough room for two people AND the dog..... then, one morning it went a bit too far when I woke up nose to nose with a doggie who had one “arm” (front leg) over me.

No two are the same and they are irreplaceable. May she have many happy days roaming in a better place.


Jay said...

I am so sorry to hear about this, Dan! She was a beautiful dag and sounds like she was such a joy to be around.

Dan Denardo said...

Dawn, thanks. It's been a difficult week. I was out of town on a shoot in Pontiac MI when Kay had to make the final decision. I couldn't cancel - models & and a makeup artist were hired and I needed to be "on". It killed me to not be there. And I couldn't get it out of my head when I needed to be thinking clearly. Sometimes life gets in the way of priorities.

Thankfully, Kay is the best pet owner that any animal could have. When St. Francis turns over the reigns of Patron Saint to the Animals, Kay will be next in line.

Dan Denardo said...

Thanks, Jay. Maybe God gives us these challenges to help us help our children learn to cope with loss.

Ron said...

Oh man, so sorry to hear about Olive. I can't even begin to imagine what you and your family went through. RIP Olive.

Dan Denardo said...

I appreciate it, Ron. Thanks, man.

Amber Davis said...

Uncle Dan,
I'm sorry to hear about Olive. She was such a funny dog, with so much personality! She will be missed by the whole family.


Dan Denardo said...

Thanks, Amber. Yes, Olive was a piece of work, wasn't she? God broke the mold when he made Olive.

Photos by Ari said...

We've never officially met, but Olive was my neighbor. Ohh yes and you and your family. I LOVE pooches, so when Kay told heart sank. I've never loved anything like my Dexxter and Sammy. I've had dogs growing up, but for some reason they always seemed to run away. I've never had the opportunity to be loved unconditionaly as they do. They just know when mom needs a hug, a kiss, or a slobber all over your face don't they!

I'm sorry to hear about Olive passing away. And wish you the best of luck with the 2 new additions to the family! Dexxter can't wait to meet the newest one. Sammy--well we'll keep him inside. HE'S MEAN!

Dan Denardo said...

Thanks for your condolences, Arianna. We still miss Olive. She was a great dog. Having the two new ones is good for us - it's taking our minds off of Olive.

Dan said...

Hi Dino,
I recently lost Taffy, a 14-year old Lab/Queensland. Easily the best doggie I could ever hope for.
When the vet who put her down that day said, "She's gone.", my eyes quickly flooded. It's hard to say good-bye to a fuzzy friend.
Glad you're doing fine and happy and everything is landing "jelly-side-up" for you. I love your writings as I recall the cool, gentle, good-looking kid I used to play with in the neighborhood.
Your friend over the Kalamazoo back yard fence, Mike Knapp

Dan Denardo said...

WoW! You made my day, Mike! Great to hear from you. I remember you (and the days we played together) VERY fondly. Please give me a Mike Knapp life update! Are you still in K-zoo?

Very best regards,