Sunday, May 17, 2009

Give it Up


These potatoes are about to be given (a few at a time) to someone who is hungry. You may not realize it, but there are people in your town who are hungry. Especially now. They worry that their kids may miss a meal...or two.

When people are out of work and have limited funds, they pay their bills before buying food. Believe me...I've seen it. They pay their utility bill, their insurance, or their rent. It gets particularly bad when the end of the month approaches and funds evaporate. The end of the month is approaching.....

Ya know those food drives that you hear about? Your son or daughter may have brought a plastic shopping bag home from school for you to fill. Or the Boy Scouts may have hung a plastic shopping bag on your door knob for pickup the following weekend.

That stuff goes to people who need it. It's for real and it's in your town. Do it people. You'll feel good about it.



PAOLA said...

You have the strange ability to let us thinking with our hearts wide open!!!

Jay said...

Albany is where we live --

Albany is ranked 13th in the nation for metro area poverty.

Albany is ranked 8th highest in the NATION for it's child poverty rate.

Albany is ranked 11th highest in elderly poverty rate.

In southwest Georgia there are approx. 100,000 people - 25,000 which are children that face food insecurity on a regular basis.

Not to meantion adults. Those are heart-breaking statistics... what is even more heart-breaking is that those are the statistics here, in one of the richest nations in the world -- My mind can't really grasp that concept in it's entirety. It's mind-boggling and make me feel small.

And what is also sad to me, is that this situation is so accepted by so many... like they have a "that's just the way it is" attitude. Honestly, I am not sure what is sadder.

I don't know if you are a country music fan or not, but Garth Brooks sings a song called The Change, you should hear it.

You can go here: and listen to it for free. Just type in the name and artist in the search area.

Dan Denardo said...

Thank you, Paola. It's always good to hear from you. I suspect you have these problems in your country, too. I've spent a lot of time in S. America, especially Brazil, near Sao Paulo. The poverty there is terrible. I suppose there are issues in Argentina, too. All the best to you. -D2

Dan Denardo said...

Wow...those are sobering statistics, Jay. I have sensed some Albany-discontent on your part in the past and I can understand why.

Here in central Michigan, we have the erosion of the American auto industry. We are a GM town. Our town is dying much the same way the steel towns died in the 70's. People are suffering as a result. The lines at the soup kitchen are getting longer.

Regarding the "that's the way it is attitude" - what's up with that? I've never been able to understand that, but I see it everywhere. It aggravates me...but my wife reminds me not to judge.

I'll check out the Garth Brooks tune. Thanks for the heads up.

I hope your hound dog is doing well.

Hales said...

Wow! I'm friends with Jay, and we both live in Albany. I knew that Albany had poverty all around it, but I had no clue it was that bad. I guess I tend to stay around my end of town, which causes me to not think about all the people in need all around me. Thanks so much, Dan (and Jay :]), for giving me a much-needed eye-opener. God uses you in so many ways!