Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Friday

Good Friday

May Peace be with you.


Jay said...


This past Sunday at our church, a man said something that I had never thought of or heard before... and being the youngest of 7 preacher's kids, that is a rare thing.

He was telling the story of the crucifiction and mentioned that to inflict pain on the crucified, they leaned the crosses forward a little bit to inflict more pain on the nail wounds. As if it wasn't bad enough to crucify the son of God.

I can think of 3-4 people that I would gladly die for... but I can't think of one I would let Sarah Jane suffer for.

We serve an Awesome God. This is a great shot.

May Peace be with you this weekend, also. If you guys were in GA, you could totally come to our Easter Egg hunt!

TheChicGeek said...

You, too, Dan. Have a beautiful weekend filled with love, family and friends :)

Happy Easter!

Dan Denardo said...

Jay, it's comments like this one you just left that make me SO HAPPY that you found my blog.

I love your Sarah Jane analogy. I'm not smart enough to think of stuff like that - I guess that's why God sent you to my blog.

And if we were in GA this weekend, we would be ALL OVER your Easter Egg hunt!

Ron said...

...and also with you and your family, my friend! Happy Easter and hey, Happy Cambodian New Year!!!

Dan Denardo said...

Happy Cambodian New Year, Ron. If I hang around you long enough, maybe you'll help me become more culturally literate, in fact, I think you're making progress! My best to you and yours this Easter weekend, my friend.