Wednesday, April 29, 2009

From the Window Seat...revisited


Heaven help you if you're sitting next to me on an airplane. As far as I'm concerned, there are few photo ops better than sitting in a padded chair at 35,000 feet, goin' 500 mph. I'll be glued to the window - standing, sitting, kneeling, leaning, standing again, crouching, like a 4-year-old with too much sugar. I'm certain the people around me think I'm nuts, yet they never seem to ask me what I'm doing. They're usually corporate types with more important things to do like spreadsheets, databases, and reports.

If they ever did ask me something, it would probably be, “Did you run with scissors as a child?” (Yes I did, thank you very much. Still do. Now, would you like to pull my finger?)


This image appears exactly the way I saw it. No photoshop manipulation. A magnificent sunrise flight from Michigan to Texas.



Ron said...

Doood, great shot.
I hope you never get reported by a fellow passenger as someone of "suspicion." from all your movements on the flight. LOL!!!

The Tri Runner said...

that looks so peaceful.

Jay said...

uh-oh, comment deleted?

Was it George? :)

This is a great shot, I don't know how I am just now seeing it!

Would you believe that I have only flown one time... and even then, i had to take SO much dramamine. I slept the whole plane ride from AL to CA.

Maybe one day I will get the guts to do it again. :/

Dan Denardo said..., it wasn't George! I made a test comment, because one of my readers said that she couldn't make a comment for some technical reason. I was just testing the system.

Hey, no need to fly if you don't need to. The thing I hate about flying is the airports, delays, waiting, lines, etc.

Have a great day, Jay!