Friday, April 24, 2009

Crop Duster


This was the view from my back porch a couple weekends ago. We live on the edge of a farm field and this dude was doing his thing. He was amazing to watch...a very skilled pilot. I understand that he is a Vietnam vet.

The image above is NOT enlarged. I was using a 50mm lens, which sees about the same magnification as your eyes. In other words, I thought I might be able to grab on and go wing-walking with this guy. He's actually so close on this pass that I could not get the whole plane in my viewfinder! It was a hoot!



Subhanjan said...

When I was in high school I wished to be a pilot, and eventually an astronaut. But that dream shattered when I realised I had too bad a lungs and eyes for that, and terribly weak in mathematics. I believe I will dream for ever. I will never see it happening to me. Some people are destined to see their dreams die just like that.

Dan Denardo said...

Subhanjan, I suppose many of us have similar stories. In my case, too, I dreamed to be something I would never become. Thankfully, I found another passion that has also become my career.

Carol said...

Great Shot, Dan. I cannot wait to see your new photo of the day. I spent the morning taking lots of soccer shots of my daughter's first game. It is so nice to take outdoor pics and enjoy the sun's warmth :O) Have a great weekend!

Andy Richards said...

What a small world! It was just two Saturdays ago that I too, watched this guy do his thing. My office is near an area he practices in every spring and I have seen him before. Unlike you, I didn't photograph him. Nice catch

Dan Denardo said...

Haha! Small world, indeed, Andy. This guy (and folks like him) are very talented. I'm in awe of their ability...and sense of adventure.

Good to hear from you!