Friday, March 13, 2009



My eyes have a magnetic attraction to graphic elements.  When my eyes focused on this scene, I didn't notice this fellow was painting this blue wall with a paint roller.  All I saw was his orange bandana contrasting with the deep sky-blue wall.


SearchingSoul said...

To call you an artist and your photos an art work is an understatement, Dan. You never cease to show new perspective and you are generously sharing it. Thanks a lot.

Jay said...

:) This is great... amazing contrast.

However... I can't say that I love it b/c It's Florida Gator Colors... and I like nothing Florida Gators. :)

kidding, of course (about not liking it... not about the gators)

The Tri Runner said...

Not to take away from the cool picture. Because it is. But LOL – that was the first thing I thought of too. It’s funny to hear you say that Jay.

Go Dawgs!

Dan Denardo said...

George, that is hilarious. Next time I'll try to post something more Georgia Bulldog-ish! Or is it Bulldoggie?