Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine


Buried under this mound of school girls is the most compassionate person I know - my wife.  In this photo, she is reading a book to the girls. These girls can read well, but they love it when someone reads to them...especially "Miss Kay".

When we visited the orphanage this past summer, one day of our visit happened to be Kay's birthday. The kids sang the following songs to her:  "Happy Birthday",  "How Old are You, and "For She's a Jolly Good Fellow" (LOL). Isn't that a hoot?  I'm not sure "Fellow" translates into their native dialect - Patois (pronounced pah-twah). In any case, it was hilarious...and of course, they meant no disrespect.

Sierra Exif JPEG

Happy Valentines Day, Kay. Thanks for being my wife, my best friend, and the most compassionate person I know. You're one in a million.

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Jay said...

your wife is rocking the LIVESTRONG hat, I like her already!