Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Man and Machine



Jay said...

My husband is a cyclist!--- I will have to show this to him. Great shot --- and great quote off the the right.

--- you know that I need the story, yet you always make me ask? :)

Dan Denardo said...

Hi Jay,
I'm starting to get the message regarding giving an explanation. I'll try to do a better job of that. Like your husband, I have a big interest in cycling...both as a participant and a cyclist.

This shot was taken outside of Nashville. This fellow is about to begin his time-trial, a race against the clock.

I was hired by a cycling magazine to shoot a race in Nashville and one in Atlanta in the same weekend.

You've inspired me to post some addition cycling shots. Stay tuned, Jay.

All the best,

hadas y duendes said...

No se ingles, pero me han gustado mucho las fotografías, sobre todo las de niños. un abrazo

Jay said...

George (thetrirunner.blogspot.com) is really into it, I noticed from your wife's livestrong attire that you guys were into that stuff.

How cool, My mom lives in Nashville! --- George will be doing the Music City Marathon there in April...Do you run too?

Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

Dan Denardo said...

Hahaha. I think George and I might be twin sons from different mothers (but I'm probably old enough to be his Dad)

I've probably done 25+ marathons. My most recent was Boston '08. I should check out Nashville. And I'll definitely check out George's blog. Thanks for the heads up!

The Tri Runner said...

I see my wife has told you all about me. I just wanted to say hello and that you've go a cool blog.

BTW - I love the quote of the day.

Dan Denardo said...

George, thanks for the comment. Yes, your bride filled me in on your activities. You and I have a lot in common.

You have a cool blog, too. I'll be following along. I've been following Jay's blogs for a while...and one thing is for sure -- You are an AMAZING family.

Isn't that a great quote? That one has always resonated with me. Riding a bike still makes me feel like a kid.

All the best,

Javier said...

wow it's hard to distinguish which is the man and which the machine! he looks so focused and invulnerable!!!

great shot Dan, as always!

have a really nice week!