Friday, February 13, 2009

Iron Chef



Jay said...

AHH! I love this!! Tell me the story.

Dan Denardo said...

Hey Jay,
I take a cooking class from time to time just for fun. The chef that teaches the classes had a class for kids one Saturday morning and I thought if would be fun for Jr. My son received his very own rolling pin, spatula, tongs, colander, etc. I'll bet the utensils he received cost double what the class cost. And of course, I brought along a camera.

Thanks for asking. Hey, those shots you did of "Daddy/Daughter" are AMAZING. Honestly. Great job.

Have a great weekend, Jay. Happy Valentine's day to you and the hubby. You are a super-cool family.

Jay said...

Thanks! We definitely are a busy family... :)

I had lots of fun with those pictures, it's her favorite day of the whole year.

Happy Valentine's day to you and yours too, it's going to rain here! :(

I wish there was a kid's cooking class here, my SJ would LOVE that!

PAOLA said...

Dan, what a boautiful place I,ve been loosing since today that I,ve came here.
I was too busy, now i,m going to visit you often and congratulations for so great work you share.