Friday, February 27, 2009

The Finishing Sprint

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One of my loyal blog visitors, Jay, has been giving me grief :-). She often leaves comments asking me to tell her the story behind the photo. Since Jay likely represents 33.3% of my entire readership, I figured I better take action.

So here's the scoop, Jay (and the other two of you out there). This photo was captured when I attended a women's bicycle race in Grand Haven, Michigan. Grand Haven is a beautiful little town on the shores of Lake Michigan. I was lucky to find a portion of the course that had magical know, that light that happens when the sun is just beginning to set or has just begun to rise…the shadows are very long and depending on your location you see "shafts" of light. One of my favorite photographers refers to them as "God beams". I dialed in a slow shutter speed (probably about 1/30th) and panned my camera with the action, trying to create the appearance of speed.  These ladies were flying!  In a finishing sprint, they're probably approaching 40 mph.  And if you've even done 30 mph on a bike, you're smokin'.


Jay said...

hahaha... I laughed.

This is a great shot! I love it. I've unsucessfully attempted it many times myself, so I am a bit jealous. :)

And you're right... that kind of light is MAGIC, and totally comes from God.

Ron said...

I second Jay's request for stories behind the picture! Although, some pictures speak for themselves...and you're good at finding those...but technical jargon is cool too!

Reading your posts off the coast of Northern Malaysia.

Later dood!