Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Digger the Hamster...Rest in Peace

Glass of Hamster 

Knowing that our family pets are not here for long, I try to make a point of getting a nice photograph of them. When you have a pet hamster, it won't be for long. Their life span is about two years. When Digger died, we said a little prayer and buried him at the base of the flag pole in our yard. Losing pets can be especially difficult for children. As a parent, I've learned that losses like this can be a learning that helps us deal with more difficult things down the road.


Rachete said...

Awe he is so cute!


Javier said...

hey he's so cute!!! and the pic's so clear and so blue! i like this shot immensely!

sorry i havn't visited in a while!

see you, Dan!

Dan Denardo said...

Always great to hear from you, Javier! I hope you are doing well. Dan